Medical Professionals

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As dedicated healthcare professionals, our primary focus is and should be always on the well-being of our patients, including being their best advocates. Unfortunately, as a growing problem, we often encounter obstacles that hinder our efforts to provide the best possible care. One such challenge is the frustrating experience of navigating through health insurance denials, particularly when they deem a treatment, service, or medication as “not medically necessary.”

We understand the limited time available, and the difficulties involved in contacting health insurers while continuing to advocate for them, including the tedious phone tree options and the struggle to find someone who comprehends the intricacies and nuances of medicine. Furthermore, relying on guidelines that may not be applicable for your specific patient’s condition, or the clinical algorithms employed, or worse yet, denial software, is frustrating and time consuming, making it more difficult to continue to advocate effectively for them.

If any of this resonates with you, we have a solution: welcome to Medical Appeal Experts (MAE). Our mission is to provide a seamless experience that saves you time while maintaining your advocacy. We are a team of dedicated professions who possess in-depth knowledge of healthcare insurance, a solid medical foundation, and a proven track record of success.  

At MAE, we are committed to your patients’ well-being and their clinical outcomes. Let us be your partner in ensuring that your patients receive the care they deserve, as prescribed by you. Allow Medical Appeal Experts to alleviate the time-consuming and frustrating challenges presented by health insurance denials.

Medical Appeal Experts provides two services to aid your patients in navigating the Medical Industrial Complex and guide them to insurance resolution:

Don’t Be Denied: a series of podcasts, White Papers, articles and posts that offer education in how insurance can work with and not against its customers.

MAE At Your Side: one-on-one strategic counseling in preparing and appealing complex claims that ought to be paid – and then aren’t.

Finally, you can tell your patients of the availability of a caring, comprehensive service staffed by medical and insurance professionals to help them get the claims reimbursement they deserve.  Our material and services are available for a modest fee, but save everyone the time and expense involved with preparing, filing and following up on claims to get the insurance they have paying as it should.