I had a complicated and expensive claim for an out-of-state residential treatment center for my daughter that was denied.  I spent over a year appealing multiple times with the insurance company, recovering just the first two weeks of out-of-pocket costs.  I decided to have an Independent Medical Review (IMR) and selected (Dr. Alan Feren and Jordan Shields) as consultants.  Dr. Feren took my best attempt at writing an IMR (Independent Medical Review) and rewrote it, almost entirely, because he understood what the reviewer needed to see to fairly judge the facts from my point of view.  I just received the decision and the insurance company’s denial was overturned.

-Dan M, CA

Thank goodness for the expertise of Jordan Shields. I was overwhelmed by the complexities of my health insurance choices. Jordan masterfully and deftly explained what my current coverage included and outlined a few key questions I needed to address in order to make my final decision.


When I sent the information about my coverage to Jordan, I thought he’ll need a day or two to review and digest.  Not so! With more than 30 years of experience he has a fluency with the material that allows him to cut through to the heart of the matter in minutes. 


Thank you, Jordan. 


If you have questions about your health insurance coverage and want to get answers that are right for you and your family, there is no better expert to trust to get the than Jordan Shields.

-Joyce G., Athens Greece

Faced with the prospect of hip replacement surgery, I was a ball of anxiety and doing my best to sort through the details of my decision. Then I consulted Dr Feren who helped me formulate the right questions to select a surgeon and the right path forward for me. 


Once those decisions were made, he coached me through the pre-surgery preparation including the physical, emotional and logistical considerations.  We framed a pre- surgery plan with my Physical Therapist and a meditation plan that helped me to emotionally and psychologically prepare for the surgery and the post-surgery recovery. We also discussed medications and exercise to focus on post-surgery. 


Once I was home, Dr Feren broke down the most important elements of the recovery to focus upon during each phase.  He knew how to give just the right amount of information to keep me motivated and informed but not overwhelmed. 


Thank you, Dr Feren, for helping me feel confident, secure, and knowledgeable about each of the decisions along the way.  I highly recommend having him on your team for any of your healthcare concerns. There is nothing like having an advocate in your corner with decades of expertise. Give yourself that gift.

-Joyce G., Athens Greece