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Has your health insurer denied your medical claim?

Learn to avoid the roadblocks that often lead to your medical denial

Medical Appeal Experts is your custom individualized solution to:

All as the result of having on your side dedicated and knowledgeable professionals with a combined 100 years of experience and proven track record of excellence

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Meet The Experts

Jordan Shields

Jordan Shields

Jordan Shields is an employee benefits consultant with over 45 years of experience. He has written a number of published articles...
Alan Feren

Alan Feren, MD

Dr. Feren has over 50 years of experience on both sides of the stethoscope—a physician giving care, and a patient receiving care...
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My Personal Advocate

Need help understanding which questions to ask your doctor or how to advocate for yourself?

Have you ever felt rushed during your doctor’s appointment?

Did you forget to ask one or more questions about what your doctor said? 

Did your doctor not answer your doctors sufficiently or intelligibly? 

Did you even know what to ask, or think of something later? 

Were you confused about what was being said about your condition? 

Do you know where to go next and how it will all be coordinated?

If this sounds familiar, My Personal Advocate (MPA) offers a painless way to be better prepared, better understand your medical situation and how it may affect you or your care givers, make better decisions about your care and add a skilled healthcare professional to advocate for you and your family.

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