Alan Feren, MD

Alan Feren

Alan P. Feren, MD


Dr. Feren has over 50 years of experience on both sides of the stethoscope—a physician giving care, and a patient receiving care. As an expert in clinical content development, he has spent the last 8 years working for medical software companies whose goal has been to support patients between their visits and empower them as partners in their care. As a board-certified surgeon and a Fellow of the American College of Surgery, he was a pioneer in outpatient surgery, and an assistant clinical professor of surgery at UC San Diego where he mentored medical students, demonstrating compassionate care. He has co-authored multiple volumes of clinical guidelines for a major actuarial company, served as a northern California medical director for a large not-for-profit health insurer, always supporting and advocating for patients as a priority. He served as a clinical reviewer for a major diagnostic imaging review organization, and a chief medical officer for healthcare organization that integrated lifestyle management with traditional health insurance. Dr. Feren has spoken nationally on a wide range of topics including ambulatory surgery, clinical guidelines, and the role of lifestyle management and coaching to promote disease prevention and progression. He continues to share his knowledge, insights to guide patients through their health journeys using his patient advocacy program — My Personal Advocate.