MAE are experienced professionals with proven track records in medical care and health insurance. We are dedicated to assist consumers, medical professionals, and benefit brokers with education and individualized support. We offer two basic services:

  • Don’t Be Denied:  A series of educational videos, podcasts, White Papers, and blog posts that take you behind the scenes of the medical industrial complex and insurance:
    1. How to partner with health care professionals in your treatment
    2. How to file a medical claim and appeals
    3. Decision points used in choosing insurance plans and Medicare supplements
  • MAE At Your Side: Our medical staff provides the necessary time to patients, identifying the key clinical factors present necessary to include when launching an effective appeal along with step-by-step guidance up and including the writing of the appeal letter.

Patients don’t typically deal with the health care system often, and the difficult to understand language used in care and insurance can be confusing. We cut through the confusion of forms, processes, and procedures to help make better and informed decisions on your insurance choices and your care.

Email us at info@medicalappealexperts.com and fill out our website form found on our website: medicalappealexperts.com.

We will respond to you within three working days.

  • MAE At Your Side: fee-based one-on-one strategic problem resolution and appeal support services are $250 per hour. This service takes advantage of our expertise and streamlines the process so your claims and appeals have all the right elements for successful outcomes.
  • My Personal Advocate: helps patients achieve a full understanding of their medical
    conditions, treatment plans, and how it may affect their family or caregivers. For complete information, click here. The fee is $250 for each virtual visit, payable in advance.
  • Don’t Be Denied: A subscription service which includes:
    1. Materials for consumers on how to partner with their health care professionals
    2. Assistance in filing effective claim appeals
    3. Direct access to My Personal Advocate

Pricing is based on the number of staff.
$1,000 per year 1 to 4 employees (including owners)
$2,000 per year 5 to 9 employees
$3,000 per year 10 to 24 employees
$5,000 per year 25 to 49 employees
$10,000 per year 50 to 99 employees
Custom pricing Over 100 employees

  1. Once a request is made (alan@mypersonaladvocate.net), a free 15-minute virtual visit that is mutually convenient will be scheduled to determine if he can provide guidance for your medical issue(s). A follow-up virtual visit will be scheduled when appropriate. In some cases, it is possible that an up to 1-hour session can be completed at the same time as the free visit. In that event, payment will be requested after the consultation is completed.
  2. Payment is made in advance of your virtual appointment.
  3. Your family members, significant others and caregivers are encouraged to attend.
  4. Each session may last up to an hour. Follow-up sessions may be arranged for a fee mutually agreed upon at the initial session.
  5. Strict confidentiality is maintained for any information provided before, during and after any virtual visit.
  6. At each session, Dr. Feren provides recommendations that may include appropriate questions to ask your health care professionals, possible options, tests, and medications, as well as guiding you to trusted resources to review.

You are not required to send any protected health information called “PHI.” However, if you voluntarily wish to share your PHI, it is best to notify Dr. Feren in advance via email (alan@mypersonaladvocate.net) and instructions will be forwarded which will allow your send this information via a HIPPA-compliant and fully encrypted communication system.