Jordan Shields

Jordan ShieldsJordan Shields


Jordan Shields is an employee benefits consultant with over 45 years of experience. He has written a number of published articles, monographs, and manuals on major and minor healthcare legislation, worked with state and national legislators, spoken before many business groups and professional associations, and taught classes on the process of care delivery and insurance payment. He has served on several local and state insurance boards and carrier advisory committees and was Chairman of the Board of United Benefit Advisors, a large national benefit partnership. His client work has included hundreds of group meetings and thousands of individual conversations on advocacy, preparedness, and problem resolution.

Working with a wide variety of different sizes and industries, he has found one common denominator; no one really understands how health care delivery and insurance works. Despite his many travels, experiences, and writings, the one thing that still excites Jordan the most is when he gets the opportunity to sit down, one on one, and help guide clients through understanding their benefit coverage options and making their own informed decisions. Hearing them say, “You really made it simple for me. Thanks for your help,” is what truly satisfies him.

Jordan is a co-founder of Arrow Benefits Group in Petaluma, California, and a founding partner in Arrow’s parent company, PGIS, which has a national footprint and 60 partners around the country.