Why Medical Appeal Experts?

Navigating the maze of medical terminology, insurance jargon and the coverage concepts outlined in book length summaries is daunting and difficult. You don’t just need an interpreter, but an advocate, someone well versed in the literature, processes and business practices of those who provide care and the payment for it.

We created Medical Appeal Experts because we recognized the appalling absence of active advocacy and even basic education necessary to avoid the high cost of health care.  We serve three functions:

  1. Providing simple yet comprehensive material to help you understand how the system works – and when it doesn’t.
  2. Medical expertise to provide background and effective strategies in dealing with serious and chronic medical conditions to make you a better partner with your health care providers.
  3. Professional assistance in decoding claims and filing appeals when they are rejected.

We offer a subscription series dedicated to both consumers and insurance professionals.

This includes podcasts, blogs, White Papers and relevant articles. All of these enable better coordination between you, your health care partners and insurance carriers.

We are also available for one on one appeal strategies and the tactical aspects of working through your medical situation, on a fee basis.